Running an on-line community can be very risky with social media, search engine monitoring, and cancel culture...

Own your own group, club, business, church, community, project, school, and more!

Develop your online community quickly and efficiently.

GroupLands comes out of a +10 year history of building community based web apps and an aversion for the cancel-culture, social media content policing, and the curtailing of free speech. We believe that individuals and communities have the right to express themselves and to associate freely.
That means you should be able to own your own community!

Owning Your Own Community means you control every aspect of it. The platform, the database, the user interface; everything!

How we measure ownership:
1. You can, at any time, move the hosting of that community to a new hosting service with very limited disruption to your community.
2. You get to choose exactly what goes on to your community. If you can't choose what adverts and other content appear, then you do not own your community.
3. Your community is not reliant on a single service provider staying in business, or continually offering a service.